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Can Resveratrol Help Prevent Cancer?

Resveratrol is synthesised by plants to protect them against disease and infection – this powerful antioxidant has the same benefit for human bodies too. The preventative effects of Resveratrol on severe and debilitating diseases is the subject of overwhelmingly positive research. Of significant interest is the scientific study of Cancer Prevention using Resveratrol.

The link between Resveratrol and Cancer

The capacity for antioxidants to prevent some types of cancer is well known. Studies into our super antioxidant, Resveratrol, have revealed it has preventative effects on cancer at a cellular level. Some of these scientific findings are listed below;

  • Resveratrol is what’s known as a polyphenol – a type of micronutrient known to help prevent bowel cancer and increase longevity through its anti-ageing properties.
  • Scientists have identified a direct link between Resveratrol and blocking abnormal HRB-beta 1 (which can trigger tumour growth). This blocking mechanism can literally prevent breast cancer from occurring.
  • Inflammation causing agent NF-KB (nuclear factor Kappa Beta) promotes cancerous tissue growth. Resveratrol has been shown to suppress NF-KB and promote apoptosis (controlled death of cells as part of a cells growth and development). This means that, while preventing cancerous growths, Resveratrol is also stimulating death in cancerous cells.
  • American studies have further concluded that Resveratrol inhibits the growth of cultured leukaemia cells, platelet aggregation, and the growth of a variety of cancer cells. They have identified the preventative and therapeutic properties of Resveratrol in various stages of carcinogenesis (initiation, promotion, progression). Download our free Ebook to learn more…
  • Increased glucose uptake and lactate production are central to a cancer cells survival and reproduction. Studies have shown a substantial decrease in glucose uptake and lactate production upon Resveratrol treatment; indicating that Resveratrol suppresses the metabolism of cancer cells, thus preventing their growth.

What is all this telling me?

Unless you’re a scientist, the cellular workings of a cancer cell might not mean much to you. What scientific research has deduced, in short, is this;

  • Resveratrol has been proven to prevent cancer at a cellular level – at its initiation, during its growth phase, and furthermore, blocking its progression in the body.

Resveratrol is a most powerful antioxidant; a key compound in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of myriad diseases. The link between increased consumption of Resveratrol and the prevention of cancer is the subject of much ongoing research. Increasing your Resveratrol intake can drastically reduce the likelihood and severity of getting cancer.

How do I increase my Resveratrol intake?

Resveratrol intake through wine, as opposed to tablet or capsule form, is the best way to increase your consumption. This is because it is best absorbed through the lining of the mouth, and poorly absorbed through the intestines. The Wine Doctor provides an increased dosage of Resveratrol in an easy and enjoyable way. Cancer Prevention using Resveratrol – The evidence shows that it can indeed assist, so increase your Resveratrol intake with The Wine Doctor today.

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