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Are your resveratrol-enhanced wines safe to drink?

Absolutely. All relevant Australian winemaking regulations are adhered to during the making of The Wine Doctor wines. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound in grapes and grape skins, not an added chemical or preservative. Our wines are simply made with more of this natural anti-aging and anti-oxidant, which in turn, makes healthier wine.

Why shouldn’t I simply take a resveratrol supplement or capsule?

Resveratrol has a very low bio-availability; it is absorbed poorly through the intestines (for example, when taken in a tablet or capsule form). The best absorption method for resveratrol is through the buccal mucosa– the lining of the mouth. This is part of the reason wine is considered a better option for your intake of resveratrol. Furthermore, wine is rich in other antioxidants, good for your cholesterol, and of course, far more enjoyable than any tablet or supplement form you might take.

How can resveratrol benefit my health?

Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to fight harmful free radicals, and combat the signs of premature ageing. Furthermore, this super-antioxidant has been linked to the decrease of serious health conditions including heart disease, deterioration of the brain (including Alzheimer’s and dementia), diabetes, and even cancer. The health benefits are real, and proven. Our wines offer an increased consumption of resveratrol to tap into these health benefits.

Isn’t “healthy wine” just a convenient promotional tool to increase sales?

No. Resveratrol is the centre of a large and ongoing amount of scientific study, which has repeatedly proven its unique health benefits. Click here to learn more. Within health and anti-ageing circles, there is a concentrated focus on resveratrol and how it might be developed into new pharmaceutical products. With moderate consumption, our resveratrol-enhanced wines can deliver a good dosage of this amazing anti-oxidant and genuinely improve your health over time. We believe in the health benefits of this product for ourselves, and our family and friends, and we believe in it for you, too.

I don’t really like the wines that you currently have on offer. What are my options?

You are welcome to register your interest with us online. We intend to expand The Wine Doctor range as demand increases, and can contact you when our options grow.

I’m concerned about the large amount of resveratrol that is in your wines. Are these levels safe to consume?

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that already occurs in grapes and their skins. It has been studied extensively and shown to be safe for consumption in much larger quantities than even our highest resveratrol-enhanced wines.

Isn’t alcohol bad for your health?

The key word scientists and doctors alike use regarding alcohol is moderation. Some people are allergic or intolerant to alcohol and should not consume it. For everyone else, wine is actually very healthy for you. As well as resveratrol, wine contains other antioxidants, which are good for your health. It is not the consumption of alcohol, but the overconsumption of it, that leads to hangovers and other side effects. We do not advocate the abuse of alcohol, only the enjoyment of it, and the health benefits it can bring.  Resveratrol is soluble in alcohol, so it is a much better transport mechanism than a water based solution.

Are your wines available in shops?

Not yet. Resveratrol-enhanced wines are a new concept, and as such, we have only made a limited number of bottles. As our wines increase in popularity and demand, they will become more readily available.  We hope to have them available in restaurants by the bottle or glass, so that people can pair it with their meals. As time and demand progresses, we will move to sell our wines in liquor stores too.

Enjoy the Benefits of Resveratrol Wine