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What are the Health Benefits of Cooking with Wine.

health benefits cooking with wine

We all understand or want to believe the benefits behind a moderate intake of red wine, however can those benefits cross over when we start cooking with wine and how do we make sure we are enhancing not ruining our dishes.

Adding wine to your dishes has the potential to impart mouth-watering flavour and enhance an old recipe or on the other hand, overpower and spoil a delicious dish if poured too generously or at the wrong time. Consider these tips before you start splashing with abundance so that no dinner – or worse wine – is wasted.

Does alcohol burn off over cooking?

If you add alcohol to the end of your cooking process and you will only evaporate anywhere from 10-30% of the alcohol content, however if adding at the beginning stages and allowing the dish to simmer for any longer than 30 minutes will leave you with only 5% of the original alcohol remaining in the dish.

Quality over quantity

One of the biggest misconceptions about cooking with wine is using a product that has either gone off, or you wouldn’t drink yourself. An easy guide to follow for this is if you wouldn’t drink it; don’t use it in your cooking. Cheap wine usually has a high salt content which can ruin even the best of dishes.

Are the health benefits of red wine still available if the wine is reduced to half through the cooking process?

The short answer is probably yes: You can drink your wine and cook with it too.

The long answer; Red wine has two different properties that make it good for health when consumed in moderation. One is its alcohol content, which is known to increase “good” HDL cholesterol and the other is an abundance of natural compounds like Resveratrol that according to studies can help protect blood vessels and help reduce inflammation amongst other things.

In a study publishes in 2011 in The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, scientist found that red wine heated to conditions “applicable to the preparation of a mulled wine and for cooking” retained its ability to dilate blood vessels. The researchers found that this ability to relax blood vessels persisted even when the red wine was heated to temperatures reaching 180 degrees Celsius for long periods of time.

In Conclusion

That being said, all evidence points to the consumption of wine in food still contains most of the same health benefits as drinking in moderation. That’s good news if you ask me and to celebrate, I am going to have a glass of wine tonight while indulging in some of my favourite recipes. I’ll be Cooking with Wine using The Wine Doctor Resveratrol Enhanced Wine.

Enjoy the Benefits of Resveratrol Wine