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The Unexpected Medicine

Have you ever wondered whether the glass of wine you consume has any medicinal benefit? A healthy medicinal wine to improve your health, well, this may be a surprise to many, but researchers have found numerous evidences of occasions when wine has been used perfectly as a medicine. This is from the ancient times when medical supplies were limited to the present day where, despite large medicinal supplies, some doctors still prescribe wine.

The first wines were believed to have been produced between 7000-10000 years ago on the land still believed to be the present country of Georgia. Archaeological evidence shows that ancient Egyptians were good wine stewards. They infused wine with some herbs to make a strong cure to treat a variety of diseases. They also used wine as a pain killer.

Ancient times

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, who was the first to suggest that illness was natural, prescribed wine for a number of uses like a strong solution to, diarrhea, childbirth pain, and a better alternative for washing wounds. Therefore meaning wine contains some antiseptic characteristic. This was also supported by Pliny the Elder, who claimed that wine delights the stomach, and soothes cave and affliction.

Wine was also found to dissolve medicinal compounds in a better way than pure water. It has also been used to preserve medicinal compounds. In religious part, the Jewish Talmud written 536 BC-427AD suggests that wine is the greatest of all medicines. The bible also acknowledges some uses of wine as medicine like when Saint Paul suggested that Timothy should use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake.

Doctors in the middle age used wine soaked in a soft pad to help prevent infections and avoid both small pox and measles contamination. Louis Pasteur who proposed the germ theory and created pasteurization, said wine was the most healthful and hygienic of all beverages leading to doctors recommending it to sterilize water during cholera epidemics in 1892.

Doctor Hieronymus Brunschwing treated soldiers wounded by gunshots with Aqua Vile Composite which contains a mixture of Gascony wine, herbs and brandy. It is also believed to have been used in many other battlefields when medical supplies were depleted. Other medicinal uses during ancient times include usage as a, sedative, hypnotic, anaesthetic, treatment of anaemia, diuretic, mixing medium for other medicines among many other uses.

Present times

In the present times, most research carried out by many doctors turned Sommeliers, like Dr. Philip Norrie led to the production of wine such as the wine doctor which is the world’s first and only resveratrol enhanced wine. Just as ordinary red wine contains many health benefits, resveratrol enhanced wine is known to contain health benefits due to the presence of antioxidants which aid in prevention of many diseases, including cancer. Some of the benefits of The Wine Doctors resveratrol enhanced wines include, reducing heart attacks, possession of anti-ageing properties, cancer prevention, reducing high blood pressure among other benefits. So, if you are looking for a healthy medicinal wine to improve your health than look no further than The Wine Doctor.