Can One Glass of Wine everyday make you healthy? | The Wine Doctor

After a long and a tiring day at work, all you want to do is take of those shoes, get yourself a glass of wine and relax on your couch listening to your favourite music. Can one glass of wine everyday make you healthy?

You wouldn’t think twice before having that glass of wine and feeling guilt free about it, because the internet is flooded with articles and blogs talking about the benefits of wine and it makes you feel good.

Red wine has always been on the top of the charts when it comes to health benefits. Very few will tell you that it is not just red wine, but it’s the resveratrol present in red wine which is providing you with the said health benefits. Nevertheless, various scientific researches and media coverages have established the extensive benefits of moderate wine consumption.

Here are some health issues which can be washed down with a glass of wine.


Resveratrol sets anti-ageing enzymes in motion which are essential for repairing DNA. Drinking wine helps in clearing up the acne and skin inflammations. The result is glowing clear skin.


As per a study by the School of Medicine at the University of California wine also boosts immunity and fights infections. It also enhances the effectiveness of vaccinations.

Type 2 diabetes

Some studies have confirmed that drinking red wine in moderation regulates blood sugar which reduces the risk of developing diabetes in the later years.


Studies have shown that moderately consumed wine can prevent cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.


Scientists at Texas A&M say that resveratrol in the red wine can actually prevent age related memory loss. It not only helps in improving memory, but also in improving mood function in old age.

Omega 3 fatty acids

In Europe a team of scientists found that responsible alcohol consumption, especially drinking wine, leads to higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood which are vital for a brain health.


Cholesterol is the reason behind many health problems which include obesity, heart related problems and stroke. Moderate consumption of wine paired with some healthy eating habits can help in reducing bad cholesterol.

Stronger bones

A study revealed that women who consumed a glass or 2 of wine regularly had higher bone mineral density than women who consumed heavy alcohol or no alcohol.

Heart diseases

The antioxidants present in wine help in preventing coronary artery diseases which are responsible for heart attacks.


Responsible consumption of wine can reduce the risk of a stroke. The same research about this benefit of wine also mentioned that the excess consumption of wine will not provide the said benefit.


Wine was found to be an effective way to treat depression and anxiety in a new research. The research stated that alcohol is considered a depressant, but wine could ease the mental health condition.

Gut bacteria

A study shows that red wine is good for the bacteria lining your large intestine. A balanced mix of bacteria in the body helps in food digestion and producing vitamin K.

Can one glass of wine everyday make you healthy? It may sound unbelievable, but a glass of The Wine Doctor red wine is all you need to get these benefits.

To  get the best results, it is important to consume wine moderately and in a responsible manner. Find out more about the benefits of wine and resveratrol on our website and get your Resveratrol enhanced wine here.