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How does Resveratrol Impact Dementia?

resveratrol helps with dementia

Resveratrol and how it helps to reduce Aging of the mind

One of the things we are going to discuss in this article is about Resveratrol, and it’s impact on Dementia. Dementia is a multi-factorial disease, linked to aging, environmental impacts and is different in each patient.

The greatest risk factor for neurodegeneration is aging. However, genetics at birth only contributes 20–25% to the determinants of lifespan, so we have around 75% control over how well individuals age in body and brain. Health is the real wealth and that everyone can significantly control/achieve sustainable health and quality of life through lifestyle choices needs to be better promoted.

Dementia is predominantly a disease of aging with millions of people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and in recent years little has happened to change and improve the cognitive functions of elderly people

Can diet help?

Diet has a dynamic molecular impact on human health. The nature and quantity of dietary intake profoundly influences cellular functions, epigenetic alterations and mechanisms that control gene expression.

To sustain healthy aging requires dietary restraint, a reduction of the consumption of processed foods and fatty diets, with negative nutritional attributes such as high energy refined sugars, saturated fats, high sodium content and an increasing affinity and tendency to consume those with positive health attributes including nutraceuticals, phytochemicals and micronutrient rich foods.

Polyphenols are found in a wide variety of foodstuffs and beverages and the high intake of fruits, vegetables, herbs and many plant foods is inversely related to the incidence of several degenerative diseases, highlighting the increased consumer attention to the importance of a balanced diet in relation to human health. It has been estimated that a balanced diet may provide around 1 g of polyphenols daily.

The increase intake of flavonoids and polyphenols especially resveratrol is a dietary preventative strategy to (a) reduce β-amyloid formation and (b) competitively prevent β-amyloid misfolding and toxicity against development of AD.

The most studied polyphenol is Resveratrol. So what is Resveratrol and what does it do?

Studies have shown Protective effects using resveratrol on aging-induced cognitive impairment in rats.

A neurobehavioral study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of resveratrol on cognitive impairment induced by aging in passive avoidance and Morris water maze (MWM) tests. Male Wistar albino rats were divided into four groups: young control (4 month), young resveratrol (4 month + RESV), old control (24 month) and old resveratrol (24 month + RESV). Resveratrol (50 mg/kg/day) was given to the 4 month + RESV and 24 month + RESV groups orally for 12 weeks.

The findings indicate that aging impairs emotional and spatial learning-memory and resveratrol reverses the effect of age-related learning and memory impairment. The results of this study suggest that resveratrol is effective in preventing cognitive deficit in aged rats by inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines.

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