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Red Wine is Good for your Health!

Proof that Red Wine is Good for your Health Recent studies have now proven that drinking a moderate amount of red wine is good for your health, but what is it about red wine that is benefiting us. Lucky for you we now have the facts to support this health suggestion...

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Resveratrol Impact on Dementia

How does Resveratrol Impact Dementia? Resveratrol and how it helps to reduce Aging of the mind One of the things we are going to discuss in this article is about Resveratrol, and it's impact on Dementia. Dementia is a multi-factorial disease, linked to...

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Resveratrol Reduces Bad Cholesterol

How Does Resveratrol Reduce Bad Cholesterol? There's exciting evidence that this polyphenol nutrient called Resveratrol can Reduce Bad Cholesterol. In fact, this evidence shows that it can lower your cholesterol even better than drugs. Resveratrol is a...

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