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What is Resveratrol, how it’s the worlds best antioxidant

resveratrol worlds best antioxidant

Unless you’ve been living under a mushroom, you’ll know that resveratrol is the new buzz word in health and anti-ageing circles. But this leaves us with the question; what is resveratrol; the worlds best antioxidant? For the layman, resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant compound found in ‘superfoods’ like red wine. Antioxidants slow down the processes through which our bodies age and degenerate over time.

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant, produced by plants, and found in the skin and seeds of red grapes (which become red wine), raw cocoa, and dark berries, like blueberries and mulberries.

Resveratrol explained

Resveratrol antioxidant is what’s referred to as a polyphenic bioflavonoid antioxidant, which regenerates the body at a cellular level. Consuming resveratrol (for example through The Wine Doctor range), can slow the effects of ageing, inhibit free radical damage, and protect against myriad health concerns, including heart disease and cancer.

As a naturally-occurring antioxidant, resveratrol has the power to neutralise harmful free-radicals in the body, when taken in a sufficient dosage. Free radicals are naturally produced by our bodies, but, left unchecked, are associated with premature ageing and harmful medical conditions, including cancer. Natural antioxidants, including resveratrol, have been studied and linked to blocking the process of carcinogenesis in humans.

Resveratrol promotes cardiovascular health by protecting blood vessels from oxidation and preventing plaque build-up in our arteries. The anti-inflammatory properties of natural antioxidants have been linked with a lower occurrence of heart disease and high cholesterol.

Resveratrol antioxidant is particularly effective in its ability to protect our brain and nervous system, in a way that other antioxidants fail to do. This is due in part to its ability to increase blood flow to the brain, prevent neurodegeneration, and to improve the cognitive deficits associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

When paired with a reduced caloric intake, it is also believed that resveratrol can aid in the weight loss. Resveratrol antioxidant works by helping prevent fat storage, increasing the rate at which fat is stored and broken down, and regulating insulin levels.

Resveratrol works by combating inflammation in the body, and having a positive effect on hormone production, blood circulation and fat storage. Ingesting natural antioxidants, like resveratrol, can drastically reduce risk and occurrence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. In this way, resveratrol antioxidant, paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can literally increase your lifespan and longevity.

Absorption of Resveratrol

Our next question is, then, how do we increase resveratrol consumption in our diets? Red wine is one of the most popular ways to increase resveratrol antioxidant consumption and its subsequent health benefits – this is in part due to elevated levels of resveratrol in red wine, and in part due to our bodies increased ability to absorb resveratrol through the buccal lining of the mouth (through the act of drinking wine), as opposed to absorption through the gut (in a tablet or capsule form), which is significantly less effective.

The higher absorption rate of resveratrol antioxidant through the mouth means that consuming your daily resveratrol through wine is both delicious and effective. The Wine Doctor resveratrol enhanced wine range is an affordable and practical option to seamlessly implement this consumption into your lifestyle. So know you know What is Resveratrol lets raise a glass to your good health today!

Enjoy the Benefits of Resveratrol Wine