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A Healthy Red Wine Drinker

Have you ever pondered about the health of the red wine you consume? Many people know the source of their favourite red wine comes from grapes, but they have not gone to an extent of determining the superb grapes for a red wine drinker responsible for a natural healthy wine. Syrah grape was discovered in France and when it arrived in Australia, Australian wine stewards renamed it Shiraz. It is the best recommended black grape variety due to its ability to produce dark, full-bodied, and age-worthy wines. It is therefore primarily used in making red wine.

Shiraz Grape

Shiraz is the best known and most widely planted variety of grape in Australia since it is grown in almost all regions of Australia. Shiraz tends to be well adaptable and can be grown in both moderate cool regions and warm areas, however, it thrives well in moderate to warm areas. An area with such suitable conditions is the Barossa Valley. It is the oldest and the most recognized region for Shiraz in Australia. The Barossa is the oldest vineyard having been planted in 1843 and still produces grapes to date. The region was important in the evolution of Australian wine and leading to the production of fine Australian wine to the global market. Shiraz occupies 50% of the vineyard and it’s therefore the most famous variety in the valley.

A Healthy Wine

A healthy wine to drink depends largely on the presence of antioxidants. Resveratrol is a polyphonic bioflavonoid antioxidant that’s present in some plants, foods, and drinks that are known to contain health benefits. Some sources of resveratrol include the red grape and red wine. Shiraz grape variety is known to contain flavonoids, resveratrol, and quercetin. Flavonoids contains health benefits like reducing risk of heart disease, preventing cancer, preventing strokes and as acts as neuroprotective. Resveratrol also possesses a host of benefits such as protecting cardiovascular health, anti-ageing properties, and much more (refer to our article on 14 essential benefits of Resveratrol for a more comprehensive list). Quercetin is known stop the growth of cancer cells and destroy the development of tumors.

The Wine Doctor is a unique wine, largely because of the enhanced resveratrol content. Resveratrol is found naturally in grapes which is of high quantity from the Shiraz variety. The Wine Doctor has resveratrol content similar to 15-20 bottles of any other red wine currently available. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural, healthy red wine make sure you consume The Wine Doctor made from the Shiraz superb grape for a red wine drinker.

Enjoy the Benefits of Resveratrol Wine